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Forum rules - read them! Empty Forum rules - read them!

Post by Gdmbat85 on Sat Feb 16, 2008 2:38 pm

  1. No rudeness, harassment, racism, bigotry, or personal attacks. Improper posts should be reported to site management.
  2. No ads, or spam. This includes for-sale and wanted ads, and the advertising websites. Vendors and websites may be referenced when relevant to the content of the thread, not for the purpose of publicity.
  3. No posting of links or content related to pornography or other NWS material.
  4. Only one account per person. Posting under another user's account is grounds for being banned.
  5. YOU MUST post in plain, discernable, correctly spelled and capitalized English in the Tech section. Repeated failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. It is HIGHLY recommended that you do the same within the rest of the forum. Threads that contain posts with extremely poor grammar (regardless of whose it is) are subject to being locked.
  6. Do not "bump" threads more than once every 24 hours. Instead, contact a moderator if you think the thread should be made a "sticky" (kept at the top of the forum).

Signature Policy
- Signature photos must be automobile related
- Nothing of bad taste
- The image must be UNDER 501 pixels in width and UNDER 201 pixels in height
- Only one image per signature
- It should be hosted on a reliable web server that allows off-site linking
- Only jpg and gif formats allowed
- Text in a sig must be under 4 lines as viewed on a 1280x1024 screen; please keep the text car related
- NO URLs OR LINKS are permitted in signatures
- No telephone numbers
- If you are unsure as how to use a signature, please contact a moderator, and afterwards if you are still unsure of our signature policy, please go without one

Please respect our community. Friendly questions and helpful involvement are encouraged! Negativism and whining are not tolerated. Please have fun and be kind to your fellow enthusiast in our community. The general discussion is a place to get to know your fellow community member; it is NOT an "anything goes" forum.
The site administration may, without warning, delete posts, give warnings, or suspend accounts when necessary.
We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time.


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