Screaming Eagle's "talon" progress

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Re: Screaming Eagle's "talon" progress

Post by ScreamingEagle on Tue Jun 17, 2008 2:23 am

Yea, none of my stuff from my parts car is ABS, and I just bought new and the ABS axles on TSunami I just bought. It's over rated anyways. Just get yourself some nice bitey tires for the summer and studded tires for the winter and you won't even notice. TSunami never locks up on ice, I think she may stop shorter on ice with the studs than normally even- and she hasn't had ABS for years. ABS is just one more thing to break. The Outback has some crazy ABS, you step on the brakes all gently and normally, and the pedal goes all spastic, but it just locks up and slides. I don't know what happens if you romp on em, I'm afraid to.

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